In the beginning, I only cared about solving hard problems, with no social purpose.

As I began to seek social purpose in college, I joined the organizing team for MIT Effective Altruism. I still only considered direct work in what would now be called "deep tech" as a way to achieve human flourishing.

Soon after I joined the "real world" (working on self-driving cars, speech recognition, and solar design and optimization), I realized that social problems, including coordination problems, were a huge bottleneck to flourishing. I began scoping out a pivot to the social sciences.

Before I could make a career move, DeFi summer happened. No longer is it necessary to climb up the public policy ladder to begin experimenting with policy - code is policy. With cryptonetworks forming overnight, I saw opportunity to test, within a much more open and agile environment, theories from my own reading in social science and the new ideas of cryptoeconomics and cryptogovernance.

My first production will be meta: coordination for research, including research on coordination itself.